Head Talks re-visited – What lies behind the mask, society would rather not see…

After a raft of positive feedback and requests to further promote awareness surrounding my Head Talks video I have decided to re-publish it for everyone to view once again…

I have received huge volumes of messages, off the back of taking part in filming Head Talks (alongside Alastair Campbell and the likes), who have told me that this has helped them to discover themselves, to try and analyse some of their issues in a more effective and productive way, the aim to gain long term solutions…

In addition many business owners and directors have been in touch to talk about changes they’ve made off the back of hearing what I had to say, so that’s really positive also…

To view the video please click below on the egg you think best represents you…

NOTE ONE THING: They’ve all got different traits, but they’re still all in the same box… Together… It doesn’t matter whether it’s day to day stress because you’re late to work, depression, PTSD, alcoholism or beyond; we’re all human beings, living through varying degrees of anxiety… The quicker everyone realises that, the quicker the stigma drops and we all become human again…





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